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Puerto Rico 2014

 Adrienne and I joined staff with Cru for many reasons. We believe the college years are an incredibly critical time for a young person to commit themselves to following Jesus. We want to see the Gospel change lives. We see the need for the truth of who Jesus is and was to be clearly proclaimed in an environment which is becoming increasingly hostile to God’s Word. Our own lives were dramatically changed through our involvement with college ministry as we began to grasp, for the first time, that the Gospel was not just for our own salvation but for the salvation of all who would call upon the name of Jesus. These reasons and many others were what initially motivated us and still motivate us today. But, the one reason I believe motivated us more than any other was the reality that the college campus is an incredibly strategic sending ground for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in our lifetime. When college students get a passion for Jesus and His command to take the Gospel to all nations, wonderful results come forth. Chico students are no exception to this reality and we’ve been deeply encouraged to see many of the students we’ve invested in over the last seven years take their passion for Jesus into many segments of society and the far corners of the world. One of these sending opportunities which has arisen in the last year is our commitment to reaching college campuses in Puerto Rico. Last summer Chico State students stepped onto college campuses in Puerto Rico for the first time in Cru’s history. At that time there were no other Christian ministries reaching out to these students, no one sharing with these students about the love of Jesus Christ and the hope of salvation found only in His name. Our team last summer was able to make a number of contacts and gather much helpful information which they were then able to pass along to the team of three Chico students and four others who committed to serving Jesus in Puerto Rico for a whole year. This team has established ministries on four different campuses, seen around 20 people come to faith and started numerous weekly Bible Studies on campus. This summer Adrienne and I have the opportunity to take a team of 12 more students to Puerto Rico to continue the awesome work God is doing there. We will be assisting with established ministries, sharing our faith daily, looking for opportunities for new ministries to get started, and investing heavily in the students we will be taking with us.

In order to do this work, we are asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with us through regular prayer and a one-time financial gift. The full cost of our summer is going to be around $7,500. This covers travel, housing, food and ministry expenses for our family. Would you consider giving $50, $100, $200 or any other amount in order to help meet this need? We believe the Lord has called us to take part in this work and we trust in His ability to provide. Thank you for considering what part you could play in reaching these students with the love of Jesus. We look forward to seeing how God uses the faithful partnership of His people to do great things this summer. God bless you and thank you again for your faithful partnership over the years!

Below: Chico students in Puerto Rico over Spring Break in March.



Weekend to Remember

Adrienne and I recently had the opportunity to attend a Weekend to Remember marriage conference in Yosemite. Weekend to Remember conferences are put on by the FamilyLife ministry which is under the umbrella of Campus Crusade. Because of this, all Crusade staff are able to attend the conference free of charge, which is one more great reason to consider joining staff with Crusade.  Anyway, we had an incredible, dare I say, “memorable” time investing in our marriage, hearing solid teaching on marriage, and celebrating the 29th birthday of my beautiful wife by exploring the Yosemite valley together. I highly encourage anyone interested to consider a Weekend to Remember conference. It would be a worthwhile investment in your marriage which I am sure your marriage and family would benefit from tremendously. Click here to learn more about Weekend to Remember conferences.

Elk Calling

We were recently able to take a trip over to Humboldt in order for Tobin to see Paul Bunyan at the Trees of Mystery. On the way we stopped off at Prairie Creek to see some elk and get a lesson from Mike and Amber. Here is a little taste of our experience that day. I will hopefully be posting a full edited video of the day when I find the time to complete it. Thanks and enjoy!  [youtube dUWDdRIEnQE]