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Life update from Ft Collins


Tobin and Leona in Jackson Hole, WY

Happy Summer everyone!  Just wanted to give a quick update on our summer assignment here in Ft Collins. We’ve had a fantastic summer so far. One highlight was our stop in Jackson, WY on our drive out. It was absolutely beautiful. We had a great time hiking and biking through God’s magnificent creation as a family! It was definitely a memory we will all carry with us for a lifetime. Well, maybe not Cambria, but oh well:) Seminary classes here in Ft Collins have also been very enjoyable so far. Josh is taking Apologetics and has been deeply encouraged and challenged by a fresh defense of the Christian faith. Adrienne is currently taking Biblical Interpretation and has enjoyed learning how to dig deeper into the Scriptures  in order to properly understand and rightly apply the truths of God’s Word. She is also playing on intramural softball and beach volleyball teams and having a blast putting her skills on display. The kids have been enjoying themselves swimming, biking, and playing with friends as well, despite the fact they’ve been sick most of the time we’ve been here:( Please pray for the coughing and runny noses to clear soon! Thank you so much for your love and support. We’ll be sending more updates soon, as well as posting one of the articles Josh wrote on Religious Pluralism for his Apologetics class. In the mean time, check out this video of the kids chasing prairie dogs in Jackson Hole.


New and improved…hopefully!

Welcome back to the Paynefam sight! Before you go any further, if you have not already, please sign up for our email updates on the right hand side of our site. Clearly this website has not been a source of consistent communication from us and that’s something I’m hoping to change. I can’t make any promises with everything else going on in life but I figured this post would be some form of accountability. Most likely I’m sending this message off into the abyss but I’m counting on the abyss, some how, some way to keep me accountable to this task. I want this site to be a place for consistent updates on life and ministry and also a place for Adrienne and I to share what we’re learning and what curveballs we’re swinging at as life’s crazy journey moves forward. So, if you’re reading this, let us know by leaving a comment! Maybe knowing it’s not my personal diary will keep the content coming! Keep your eyes open for updates as our summer journey to CO and beyond begins. God bless!